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Welcome to the International Exchange Programme! This educational programme was created by ISU (Isabela State University), PNU (Philippine Normal University) and UZH (University of Zurich), and supported by the Philippines Embassy in Switzerland, to promote the Philippine Culture through the Master and PhD students exchange.

The programme consists in sending Masters and PhD students from Switzerland to the Philippines to study the Agta (Indigenous Peoples) Culture, pairing them with Filipino Masters and PhD students where they have the opportunity to develop research together and learn from each other. After the fieldwork, the Filipino participants will be invited to spend from 1 to 6 months in Switzerland to work on their scientific results.

Agta Health (Dr. Abgail Page, 2016)

Agta Child Care (Dr. Abgail Page, 2016)

Agta Cooperation (Dr. Daniel Smith, 2017)

Agta Storytelling (Dr. Daniel Smith, 2017)

Agta Gender Equality (Dr. Mark Dyble, 2015)

Agta Food Sharing (Dr. Mark Dyble, 2015)

Agta Mobility (Dr. Andrea Migliano, 2017)

Dr. Ricmar P. Aquino 
University President
Isabela State University

        ISU and its partners see this programme as a great opportunity for our students to be engaged with great scientific research, producing important information about our indigenous peoples, their lifestyle and culture... 




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