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COLLABORO: Adaptive history of human socio-cognitive development. Originally this this project was awarded by ERC and currently has been supported by SERI (State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation), Switzerland. COLLABORO will for the first time compare the ontogeny of children aged 0-17 in traditional hunter gatherer groups, using standard socio-cognitive tests, focal follows, contact tracing and longitudinal surveys. Blending anthropological depth with psychological breadth, to provide insights into possible general socio-cognitive adaptations and ontogenetic variation triggered by local socio-cultural factors. 

This project aims to neutralise the Carbon emissions of the expeditions of the HEE group members, through the plantation of 25000 trees every year in Sierra Madre region, Philippines. Together with HEE, the NCIP (National Committee for Indigenous Peoples), organised an Association of Agta people to coordinate the planting activities, ISU (Isabela State University) is building a new tree nursery to supply the native seedlings and LPU is organising related courses for the Agta. in their own language. Further information: here

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